Facebook Performance Marketing

A Retail-Minded Approach to Advertising on Facebook

Enhance your Ecommerce Strategy with Facebook

Facebook offers retailers a huge market opportunity to reach their target consumers — it can be used throughout all stages of the e-commerce conversion funnel.

Many brands still find it hard to know how to allocate budgets, apply resources, and roll out a full-funnel strategy that takes advantage of the opportunities offered by Facebook advertising.

Our Facebook experts work with you to understand your business goals and past results. They then create and manage an effective Facebook advertising campaign that delivers results for your business. 


Achieve Growth with Your Account

Brand Awareness

Grow your market share by reaching new audiences


Boost the number of new site visitors, email signups, and first-time purchasers

Customer Activation

Convert browsers and single purchasers into repeat buyers


Driving up Customer Life Time Value (CLTV) and customer loyalty

Launching Your Tailored Strategy

  • A dedicated Facebook marketing team handles everyday use and long-term planning for your account
  • We begin with a thorough process to get a more in-depth understanding of your company’s background, business objectives, target audience, competitive aspects, style preferences, budget, and site traffic for an initial social strategy
  • We audit your existing creative strategy and Facebook ad campaigns to get an idea of your trend performance over time
  • We provide a custom Performance Social Launch Deck with budget assignments, recommendations for your approach, and key performance indicators (KPIs) per the business objectives identified by you.
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Our Facebook Approach

It’s critical to triage your business goals to not only effectively allocate resources against each stage of the shopper funnel, but also to create a strong set of KPIs to increase the efficiency of each dollar spent on the channel.


Growing Your Audience Size & Profitability

  • Complete setup of the Facebook Pixel on your e-commerce site
  • Continuous addition of your marketing lists into Facebook for audience targetting
  • Through the use of Facebook Insights, Google Ad Planner, and other third-party tools we gain an in-depth understanding of your current audience. From this data, we further segment dimensions to create specific groups of new potential customers
  • Based on your CRM, Pixel Data, past ad campaigns and website traffic, we can create lookalike audiences. This allows us to expand our target audience with a cheaper cost per acquisition.
  • Retarget and gain new customers by targeting webiste visitors who have either abondoned their cart or been active on your site in the past 7-30 days
  • Re-engage past customers with loyalty-based offers that prompt repeat purchases

Daily Account Management

  • Continuous ad creation and optimisation in line with your unique promotions, goals, and KPIs
  • Clear Reporting structure to allow you to quickly understand how ads are achieving set goal
  • Weekly reporting broken down into ad set, campaign, and business objective level. Clearly see campaigns successes and trends
  • We A/B test all ad copy in order to identify which ads are the most effective for each audience and product.
  • Ensure that your non-social promotions are in line with your promotional calendar, social messaging and engagement
  • We automate your product feed from your website with Facebook, maximising the effect of Dynamic Ad targeting opportunities

Ongoing Advice To Maximise Your Social Strategy

  • Ongoing ad creation and optimization to drive towards your unique promotions, goals, and KPIs
  • Advice on how new Facebook features and ad formats could enhance your campaigns
  • On-message with your brand voice and creative content in relation to ad placements
  • Consulting with Facebook Support to determine relevant beta programs and provide support
  • Continuous analysing of how complementary social channels like Instagram, Pinterest, and Polyvore could enhance your sales

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