Amazon Ad Management

Maximize Your Amazon Sales


Grow Sales on Amazon Marketplace

Done right, Amazon can be your core sales channel. This involves a high level of expertise and time.

We are experts in maximising revenue through Amazon Stores. Organically, we do this through optimising of your store and listing. Through targeted ad campaigns we are able to maximise your sales during key periods.


Seller Central Management & Reporting

Dedicated Marketplace Strategist

Continuous Monitoring + Optimization

Weekly Dashboard Reports

Amazon PPC

Advertising on Amazon is an effective way to boost your sales performance and increase profit. More importantly, having the right expertise, technology, and resources to actively manage and improve ad performance is vital for long-term profitability.

  • Complete management of Sponsored Product campaigns for whole product catalogues
  • Bid management technology for product-level bidding
  • Investigation and application of opportunities to generate traffic from sites outside of Amazon
  • Harvesting of keywords/search terms from automated Sponsored Product campaigns
  • Gold Box/Lightning Deals
  • Comprehensive advertising reports
  • Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) campaigns

Listing Optimisation

Establishing what search terms are the most valuable to a seller’s business is essential for sustainable growth on Amazon, along with monitoring and making products easier for customers to find.

  • Track organic listing rank
  • Reorganization of product catalog structure to tune for product discoverability
  • Recommendations to enhance effectiveness of product content/title/description
  • New Brand Registry program execution

Content Copywriting

Creating the right product content results in increased sales. We take the time to understand your market so that we can create the right information for them that will result in a higher conversion rate and organic position in Amazon search. 

Your Dedicated Project Manager will optimise your content based on keyword volume, sales potential, and conversion rates.
We optimise your content to ensure product copy is on message, highlights the main benefits of the product, and creates a response in the target audience.
Content optimisations are identified based on keyword volume, sales potential, and conversion rates.

Strategic eCommerce Consulting

Digital Huddle gives businesses valuable information on all important areas for establishing a position in the e-commerce market, including general Amazon advice, e-commerce marketing support, and brand growth consulting.

Continuous monitoring and evaluation of inputs that encourage Buy Box ownership
FBA analysis of product efficiency and allocation guidance
Feedback/Review tool management
New product launch strategy

Evaluate Your Amazon Seller Strategy

Identify Areas for Growth Within Your Amazon Campaigns